Have you ever noticed what brand of electronic devices do you have in your office? If yes, you might be familiar with the Brother Industries. If you are in Nagoya, it is worth paying a visit to the museum of Brother company to learn more about its past, present and the plans for the future.

The history

Brother Industries is one of the world’s top manufacturers of electronic office machines. In 1908 the father of the founders of Brother Industries established Yasui Sewing Machine Co., a company which repaired and sold sewing machines. Masayoshi and his younger brother Jitsuichi shared their father’s passion and were very curious about technological advancement. In 1932 they successfully introduced the first sewing machine made entirely in Japan. It was a start to their entrepreneurial career and the beginning of Brother Industries.

Picture of the exhibits of earliest sewing machines

From the early beginnings, the company was driven by the motto “superior quality and diligent service”, which reflects a commitment to producing quality products with the Japanese attention to details.

Currently, Brother Industries’ products include printers, desktop computers, industrial sewing machines, label printers, and other computer-related electronics.

Picture of a vacuum cleaner exhibit

The tour

Picture of exhibits of sewing machines from around the world

Brother Museum is divided into several zones, which introduce to the visitor different aspects of the company. The zones are as follows: Communication Zone, Environment Exhibition, Experience Zone, History Zone, Sewing Machine Zone, and Library.

  • Communication Zone is designed for a multipurpose use like holding presentations, products release, etc.
  • Environment Exhibition presents environmental technologies used for Brother’s products and business activities.
  • In the Experience Zone, you will be able to try for yourself one of Brother’s electronic products, for example, the embroidery machine, the photo printer or even a karaoke system.
  • History Zone displays some flagship products that trace the corporate history. You will be able to see one of the first microwaves and vacuum cleaners. It is really interesting to learn how a local sewing machine company diversified its product line and became a internationally recognized manufacturer.
  • Sewing Machine Zone has an impressive range of antique sewing machines collected from around the world. In this zone, you can learn about the structure of a sewing machine and then try the old style sewing machine with a foot controller.

Picture of a cloth with the initials K and L sewed on it

  • The library has books and news articles related to the current and past presidents of Brother Industries.

Brother Museum Information


If you would like to have a group tour, you should make a reservation with anticipation; otherwise, the regular visits do not require reservations in advance. The tour takes approximately 60 minutes and you will be able to visit different zones. In the museum, there are three languages available: Japanese, Chinese, and English.

Picture of the sewed handkerchief and a photograph of the author at Brother Industries


There are no admission fees.

Opening hours

The museum is open from Monday to Saturday between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. except holidays.

For more information about the opening days, you can visit the official Brother Industries website.


5-15 Shioiri-Cho, Mizuho-Ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 467-0851


Brother Museum is located in Nagoya area. If you are traveling from the Nagoya Station there are two possible ways available:

  1. Take the Meitetsu Nagoya Line (headed to Okazaki/Toyohashi), and get off at the Horita Station. Brother Museum is around two minutes’ walk from the station,
  2. Take the JR Tokaido Line or Chuo Line, and transfer to the Meitetsu Nagoya Line (to Okazaki/Toyohashi) at the Kanayama Station, and get off at the Horita Station. Brother Museum is around two minutes’ walk from the station.

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