When looking for places to visit in Japan, without any doubt the city of Osaka pops up as one of the most interesting cities. Being the third largest city in Japan, it is a city full of places to explore and things to do day and night, which also means the city never sleeps. For those who have time to spare and might want to take a break from all of the hustle and bustle of the city centre, there is one place that certainly could be considered as a refuge: Minoo Park (箕面公園).

A dive into the woods in Osaka

Picture of a winding road along the wooded hills and a few houses

Far in the north of Osaka, at the very last stop of the Hankyu Minoo Line, hop off from the train, get out of the station and start walking in a straight line. There is no specific entrance to the park, but there is no way you can get lost. Just look for the little houses and local souvenir shops and cafes and you may be amazed at how they gradually become less and less frequent as you dive into the woods.

Park’s renowned waterfall

Picture of a waterfall and people standing by its side

The Minoo Park is known for its beautiful waterfall, so it is totally worth it to walk about half an hour deep into the park until you find it. Along the way, take your time to breathe in the fresh air, to appreciate the stream of the river that follows you side by side on your journey and to discover the small shrines, temples and red bridges that mark their presence among the green of the forest.

Picture of a landscape with a bridge, a waterfall in the backdrop and houses on the side

Due to a recent typhoon, the easiest path to access the waterfall is still under maintenance, however, and especially if you are up to a challenge, make sure to have a good pair of sneakers and try getting there using the tracking path up to the hill. It is completely worth it to adventure yourself through the mountain until you reach the top. Look out for the best spot in between the tree tops to take a gaze at the view over the city of Osaka in a distance. A few more minutes walking through the hill and in no time you will get to the waterfall.

It is said that autumn is the best time to visit this place, since the colourful leaves give a whole new atmosphere to it, though the landscape is breathtaking regardless of the time of the year.

While you’re there…

Picture of a rock with writing on it and two monkeys sitting at its front

Try the local delights and Minoo’s symbol, the fried maple leaves, while taking a seat at one of the many benches in front of the waterfall. Relax while appreciating it and take your time to take some pictures… Maybe you will be lucky enough to meet some of the curious monkeys that roam around the park, too. If you would like to take the perfect and most aesthetic photo of the waterfall, my advice would be to step on the bridge and capture the moment as you like it.

Do not miss this chance to be in touch with nature!

Minoo Park Information



  • 1-18 Minookoen, Minoo-shi, Osaka Prefecture 562-0002


  • From Hankyu Umeda Station in the centre of Osaka, take the Takarazuka Line to Ishibashi Station an then transfer to Hankyu Minoo Line. It is easy to find the right platform, just look for the maple leaves drawn on the floor next to the train. Get off at the very last station, Minoo Station.
  • The whole train trip will take no longer than 25 minutes and it will cost around ¥270.
  • The Hankyu Line is not covered by the Japan Rail Pass.


Visited Japan for the first time in 2015 and came back years later to study at Osaka University, where I learnt so much and had the chance to travel and live more of Japan
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