If you’re visiting Japan and you’re a cyclist, or you simply enjoy the freedom that exploring a new place on two wheels brings, there are plenty of routes well worth exploring here. One of the best is the Shimanami Kaido, which takes you from Japan’s main island of Honshu over to Shikoku, traversing several islands along the way. You get some fantastic views and pass through many picturesque towns, but one thing that often needs to be considered when you’re traveling with bikes is “where am I going to stay?”

Something I’ve found when traveling with my own bike is that not all accommodation options are created equal. Many places won’t allow you to store your bikes inside, for instance – and if your bike cost you a pretty penny, you might not be too enthusiastic about the prospect of leaving it outside to battle the elements. If you’re planning on cycling the Shimanami Kaido during your time in Japan, there’s a fantastic option that is geared towards those exploring Japan on two wheels – and it’s aptly named Hotel Cycle. There are a host of reasons why this hotel is helpful if you’re exploring Japan by bike – and here are several of them!

You can check in on your bike

If you want the ultimate in convenience, Hotel Cycle has to be it – they allow you to check in while you’re still on your bike! I’ve stayed at other places where bikes aren’t even allowed to be wheeled into the reception area, so this made for a pleasant change!

The rooms themselves are also fitted with hooks so that you can have your bike in your room with you, hung up on the wall and not obstructing any of your space.

There are lots of amenities available (which means less for you to carry!)

If you’re traveling throughout Japan on your bike, it’s likely that you’re packing light in other ways. Hotel Cycle offers loads of amenities which conveniently means less that you have to bring along with you. There are toiletries including toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, soap and hairbrushes all provided free of charge.

There are also bottles of complimentary water, and coffee- and tea-making facilities in your room. Everything is branded with the Hotel Cycle logo – and if you want a souvenir from your stay they have those Hotel Cycle mugs available for purchase.

They’ve got a cycle-through cafe

Going one better than a drive-thru lane, Hotel Cycle has a cycle-through cafe where you can pick up a bite to eat or a beverage without even having to get off your bike. The menu here is pretty simple – coffees, tea, juices, sandwiches and ice cream – but the convenience factor is huge. If you do have time to stop and linger, there are tables and chairs out the front of the cafe where you can sit and soak up the views of the surrounding area.

Bike servicing available

There is even a Giant store here, so if anything does happen to your bike while you’re out exploring you’ll have experts on hand to fix your ride.

The hotel has a fantastic sense of community with plenty of other guests ready to explore the region on two wheels. If you’re also planning to cycle the Shimanami Kaido, Hotel Cycle makes a convenient and friendly home base.

Hotel Cycle Information

Access by local train

The closest train station to Hotel Cycle is the JR Onomichi Station. The hotel is only 500 meters from Onomichi Station itself.

Access by shinkansen

If you’re arriving via shinkansen, Hotel Cycle is approximately 3.5km from the JR Shin-Onomichi Station.


I'm Kim, and I've lived in Japan for the last five years. I've traveled to 38 of 47 prefectures during that time, and I love sharing my travel adventures with others!
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