Having been born and raised in Brazil, I thought I was used to incredible and breathtaking landscapes, but Japan is overcoming my expectations. The Shosenkyo (昇仙峡) Gorge trail and its landscape is a good example of the Japanese natural beauty.

View of Arakawa River from the Shosenkyo trail – Yamanashi Prefecture

I have been living in Yamanashi Prefecture since October 2017, and I’ve been to Shosenkyo Gorge twice, the first time during autumn and the last time in summer. The best season to visit is definitely autumn, when the colors of the trees turning to a mix of red and yellow shades. Incredibly beautiful! So, be aware that it can get very busy during weekends and national holidays.

Shosenkyo trail – Yamanashi Prefecture

The hike: mountains, river, food, and shrine

The hike consists of about 4 km along the Arakawa River until Sengataki Waterfall. The waterfall is 30 meters high, and it forms a white water veil. A very relaxing feeling reaches you if you stare at the water shape for a couple of minutes.

Sengataki waterfall – Yamanashi Prefecture

After the hike, you’ll reach a Japanese-style small village (super convenient), full of souvenirs shops and restaurants specialized in hōtō, the traditional dish from Yamanashi Prefecture, which consists of noodles, vegetables, mushrooms and meat in miso soup. The taste was very good and the price was acceptable, about 1,500 yen.

You’ll also find a shrine at the beginning of the village, dedicated to couples and single women. In front of it you will see a metal structure in the shape of a heart, which is very sweet.

Walking around 7 more minutes and you will reach the Shosenkyo Ropeway station. Before boarding, at the waiting hall, you’ll notice the golden koi fish’s lagoon, it was one of my favorite part of the trip. The fish were very big and full of energy. You can feed them for 100 yen. It’s very interesting to observe the shape of their months when they are about to eat.

Golden koi fish’s artificial lagoon in Shosenkyo – Yamanashi Prefecture

To infinity and beyond: Reaching the ropeway upper station

The trip to the top by ropeway took about 5 minutes. And if the sky is clear you can have a magnificent view from Mt. Fuji (unfortunately it was a bit shy when I was there). To have a better view of the mountains, you have to climb some rocks – it can be a bit tough and slippery, yet the view is breathtaking!

View from the ropeway upper station

Shosenkyo Information


  • From Shinjuku Station, take the JR limited express Azusa to Kofu Station (4,000 yen one way). There are cheaper options such as local trains (2,270 yen one way) or buses (2,000 yen one way).
  • From Kofu Station, take a bus that departs every one or two hours to Shosenkyo Gorge. It takes 30 minutes and costs 590 yen.



23 year old girl, half japanese and german descendent, born and raised in Brazil though. Lived in Japan for 9 months in Yamanashi Prefecture, the place of our beloved Fuji-san
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